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frequenitly asked questions



1336 Bagley
Detroit MI 48226


8am - 5pm

What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent additions to your natural lashes. Synthetic extensions are careful carefully applied to each natural lashes to enhance length, width, and curl.


How long do they last?

Lash extensions can last up to 4-6 weeks with proper care. Most clients like to return within 2-3 weeks to maintain a full lash line.


Will they damage my natural lashes?

With proper care and a skilled technician, lash extensions will not damage your natural lashes. To prevent damage and premature lash loss please avoid; picking or pulling at your lashes, excessive makeup or oil based products, excessive exposure to steam or water.

A skilled technician will have the advise you on the healthiest length and weight of extensions to ensure a healthy and long lasting set. 


How to arrive to appointment and what to expect?

A typical full set application will take up to 2 hours. Fill in appointments range from 45 minutes to a 75 minutes. Please arrive with clean and mascara free lashes. Arriving with makeup on will cut down the time the technician has to apply lashes, resulting in a less full look. It is advisable to not wear contact lenses during the appointment and limit the amount of caffeine intake the day of your appointment. The process is very relaxing and pain free. Most clients actually fall asleep during appointments.   


How do I take care of my lashes?

Things to avoid to have the best possible retention are oil based products (including eyeliners, eye creams, face washes and mascaras), as well as pulling or rubbing on your lashes. Never use a lash curler on your extensions and be caution near ovens and hair driers- heat can melt/straighten your extensions!

Clean your lashes often! Cleansing with a cleanser daily will extend the life of your lashes as well as avoid any possible issues of infections or premature lash loss.I do sell a cleanser at my studio.


How do I make an appointment?
Enter your information below and I'll email you rates and appointment availablitiy.
Its my first time getting these and its my wedding week! (Or I'm attending a big event/vacation)
Allergic reactions, irritation, and dislike of style of the lashes are not common but possible side effects of the application process. For this reason, I will NOT take a first time client prior to weddings, events, or vacations. I highly recommend booking no less than 3 weeks before for the full set and then one fill appointment prior to the big day. 


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